The Benefits of Using Consultants For ISO 9001 Certification

The Benefits of Using Consultants For ISO 9001 Certification

The Benefits of Using Consultants For ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 implementation is not just about certification but bringing improvements to the organisation in all its processes.

This may require some changes in the system as well.  Using external accredited ISO consultants to drive an organisation’s ISO 9001 QMS processes has a lot of advantages.

An external consultant will arrange for an independent assessment of the system during gap analysis thus enhancing the organisation’s ability to identify processes requiring improvement in the overall quality system. ISO consultants are able and will be able to provide much added value to an organisation’s processes based on acquired knowledge, experience and skills acquired over time.

ISO 9001 Consultants Achieve Faster Results

iso-9001-consultantsAn external consultant is likely to work within time frame and achieve results faster than when done in-house compared to internal delays. The use of external ISO 9001 consultants will reduce the work load on the internal staff. Using an external consultant who is conversant with the certification process will help the organisation as  this will  reduce cycle times, delays and other associated challenges.

From an independent point of view, an external consultant is capable of effecting the needed changes in areas required which ordinarily internal staff might not be able to do since he or she is part of the system. Experience around the world has shown over 80% use of consultants on ISO MS projects and achieve faster and effective delivery.

The use of external consultants for gaining certification and accreditation in California will considerably improve an organisation’s chances of getting certification at the right time and thus preventing any serious mistakes, delays in QMS development and implementation. External ISO consultants will definitely fast-track the development process by effectively planning, getting management and organisational support and ensuring adequate resources.

9001 Consultants Save Organisations Time & Money!

On a long run using external 9001 consultant will save time and money by developing an effective QMS that makes the organisation realized the benefits early  and consequently get quicker payback on your QMS project investments. The value additions from such process would definitely outweigh using internal staff. The national certification requirements are quite stringent in California based on feedbacks from  companies  that  have  been  certified,  it  is  therefore  imperative to use reputable consultant  who is familiar with the terrain who can also assist in doing good liaison work during certification process.

A competent consultant should be able to plan and organize the QMS project activities, help identify and document your applicable processes, recommend process improvements, suggest benchmark practices, provide customised on-site training to the various  functional levels within your organisation and conduct internal  audits. These are key deliverables in the ISO certification that are better handled by external consultants.  The internal staff may have challenges in getting this done. External ISO consultants may also help organisation develop or review the entire documentation depending upon the internal resources you have available to you